Iraq Map for Garmin GPS

Iraq Map for Garmin GPS 3.0

You can upload your GPS tracks and Waypoints to your PC
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Iraq Map for Garmin GPS

Map Features:
Divided in 10 major regions.
POI search by name or proximity
Automatic street and intersection finding
"Lock on road" features. This features increases accuracy, and tells you the name of the street you are driving on plus the names of the next intersection street.
Download all 10 regions to your GPS to have full detailed map coverage in your hands.
Locate MGRS coordinates quickly (MGRS compatible)
Map content / coverage
Major roads
Freeways and secondary roads
Political division and borders
Contour Lines (Terrain Elevation)
Rail-Road system
Rivers and Lakes
Thousands of towns and cities
Points of interest

Analyze your information in a better way.
Our product will install Garmin MapSource software on your PC and add 10 Iraq map regions to your map list, this way you can transfer the maps to your GPS!

You can also upload your GPS tracks and Waypoints to your PC using MapSource, view them in a totally detailed map.

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